At the Crystal Geyser Water Company, we strive to do our share for our customers, communities, and future generations. We are constantly finding ways to ensure the safety of our products, serve our neighbors, and minimize the impact on the environment. 


Our PET bottles are BPA-free and phthalate-free. Safety is our number one concern, and our PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is food grade and shatterproof. Additionally, PET bottles are lightweight, requiring less energy to transport than heavier materials. In fact, since 2022, we have decreased the weight of our 1.25L bottles 11%, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.


In 2019, Crystal Geyser Water Company joined with Pacific Forest Trust to create a new funding initiative. Springs for Life – ForestWater Alliance™ – represents an investment and a commitment from Crystal Geyser Water Company as a beverage company whose primary resource is water to join with a trusted and highly successful conservation organization to protect spring water sources. In 25 short years, Pacific Forest Trust has conserved over 270,000 acres of vital forestland in California, Oregon, and Washington. These efforts continue to ensure water security by protecting forests and maintaining healthy watersheds that provide life-sustaining water to millions. We look forward to sharing Springs For Life as a sustainability initiative with our industry partners and peers. We are proud to give our consumers not only a choice for healthy refreshment, but also to support natural, protected spring water sources.

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Consumers are increasingly interested in learning where and how their food and beverages are sourced.

We are proud that our all our Crystal Geyser sparkling water and Tejava ready-to-drink beverages are verified as Non-GMO and kosher. Additionally, Tejava black teas use premium leaves harvested from Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ farms.



Everyone loves a refreshing drink, and we give away hundreds of cases of our sparkling drinks ad teas every year. Our donations are enjoyed at community events, marathons, and local festivals throughout the year. 

Employee volunteerism is another way we serve our communities. In addition to sharing our products, employees contribute to their communities on their own time. Whether it is tending to injured wild animals, heading up a chapter of a local PTA, or cleaning up beaches, Crystal Geyser values our team members' contributions to their communities.