Tejava Tea

Tejava starts with tea leaves from the island of Java, Indonesia and is small-batch brewed with craft and care for a bold, yet smooth, true-to-the-tea taste. Our product line-up includes original black tea as well as all-natural flavored options in both ready-to-drink (RTD) and brew-at-home tea pods and bags. Additionally, check out Tejava’s Origins line – tea varieties harvested around the world and perfected by Tejava.


Pocari Sweat

Pocari Sweat is an isotonic rehydration beverage from a health-driven company that goes beyond simple refreshment.  From deeply scientific origins to effective daily hydration, Pocari Sweat is the perfect balance of precise scientific formulation and great taste. When you are in need of hydration, it replaces what you lose in sweat and restore what you need to get back into balance.




Crystal Geyser Water Company begins to market Pocari Sweat in the US.


Springs For Life®

Crystal Geyser Water Company is the founding partner for Springs For Life, a collaboration with the Pacific Forest Trust.


Celebrating 40 Years

In 2017, Crystal Geyser Water Company celebrated its 40th year in business.


Growth & Awards

Years of geographic and product expansion resulted in awards and recognition for high quality, great tasting products.


Tea from Java

Tejava is introduced as the first of its kind, ready-to-drink unsweetened black tea.


Otsuka Holdings

Impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of founders Peter Gordon and Leo Soong, Japanese pharmaceutical company, Otsuka, invests in the company.


A Juicy Opportunity

Juice Squeeze hits the shelves as a natural soda alternative with 70% fruit juice, sparkling water and a full serving of fruit in one bottle.


A New Facility

Our Bakersfield manufacturing facility opens, focusing on sparkling juice and, eventually, tea. 


Pioneering Taste

Crystal Geyser introduces the first naturally flavored sparkling water using cold-press flavor extraction.


A Company is Born

The “perfect water” was located in the heart of the Napa Valley. Known for its mineral rich soils that produce fine wines, it soon became the home of Crystal Geyser Water Company, the domestic pioneer of sparkling mineral water.


Seeking the Perfect Water

Entrepreneurs, Peter Gordon and Leo Soong, set out to find a superior natural mineral water to rival European imports.

Corporate Responsibility

At Crystal Geyser Water Company we are a family, a team, and a community of individuals working to provide our consumers with the highest quality beverages. We are committed to employing business practices to ensure a healthy future for our company and the communities where we do business.